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2 August ,Thursday, 2018

'Croatian president in bikini' viral again!

'Croatian president in bikini' viral again!

People sharing photos and captioning them 'president of Croatia'. But the bikini girl was American actress and model Coco Austin.

What could be hotter than a FIFA world cup final, off the field? How about images of a beautiful football fan in a bikini at the beach, with captions identifying her as 'the president of Croatia'.

Before the east European country faces France for the ultimate prize this Sunday, the saucy snaps have already set the internet on fire.

This, when a video of president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic went viral, showing the 50-year-old leader walking into the dressing room to embrace all Croatian players, some of them bare-chested.

But the pictures that almost broke the internet had captions reading 'Kolinda in bikini at sea beach!'

Is the video of president Grabar-Kitarovic embracing the players real? Well, it of course is.

The day Croatia was to take on Russia in the quarter finals, she adorned her team's jersey, flew to Moscow in economy class just to cheer her team.

And post Croatian victory, she participated in full spirits in the stadium celebrations and rushed to the changing room to raise a toast to the winners.

So far, so good.

But soon, social networking sites were flooded with another set of pictures; allegedly of president Grabar-Kitarovic in a bikini.

Many found them too scandalous to believe.

Now, here's the cold truth about the images of the 'hot president' as it has been termed on the internet. The beach woman in the bikini is actually an American model, Coco Austin.

But this mix-up hasn't happened for the first time.

In 2016 too, fantasies ran wild when glamorous pictures of Coco were passed off as Grabar-Kitarovic's on social media.

If that was not enough, a porn star, Diamond Foxxx, was also touted as the Croatian president.

A decade ago, a Serbian tabloid published a false report claiming that Grabar-Kitarovic had acted in an adult film.

Grabar-Kitarovic is not only the youngest president of Croatia but also the only woman to rise as its head of state. A mother of two, she was the foreign minister of Croatia before become becoming the president in 2015.

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